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Retailer At-Shelf Point-of-Purchase (POP) & Digital Glosssary

POP Sign (At-Shelf)

A sign that prefaces a product where the product is "purchased" by a consumer. Typically in a retail environment (grocery, c-store, mass market, etc.) this purchase decision is made at the shelf where the product resides when the consumer places the product into a cart.

This is premier real-estate in the in-store media industry because advertisers can influence a purchase decision when the consumer is most actively involved in a purchase.

POS Sign (At-Checkout)

A POS (Point-of-Sale) sign, unlike the POP sign, resides where the product sales transaction takes place, typically at a retailer checkout.

POS media typically is not ideal for product specific marketing since the consumer purchase decision have been completed by the consumer.

Trestle Systems

Trestle Systems is a cloud based platform that allows Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies and Advertising Agencies to deploy and manage retailer in-store media campaigns.

Cloud based access gives Consumer Package Goods (CPG) brand managers the ability to Plan, Execute, and Measure manufacturer's brand message campaigns on a fully customizable web based application.

Using Trestle System's Media Module platform architecture, retailers can offer their in-store real-estate to CPGs and advertising agencies without having to install hardware or software. Media Modules are developed to support the needs of the retailer's in-store media.

Taking advantage of Trestle System's POPScanner™ Code technology, CPGs and retailers can now engage consumers by using today's cutting-edge inbound social media. Redirect to a website, stream a video, send an image, or issues the industry's first eCoupon-to-Consumer mobile digital eCoupon. Each eCoupon scan is tracked in real-time and can be viewed on the Cloud.

Trestle Systems Campaign Manager

Modeled after Google AdWords and other online (host or cloud computing) campaign management software, the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager is an online application to help CPG Brand Managers plan, execute, and measure in-store digital media brand messaging campaigns.

In-Store Digital Media Campaign Manager

Trestle Systems Campaign Manager with Campaign Dashboard

Dashboards, graphs and reports are available to help Brand Managers analyze the results of their campaigns and build on successful brand message ideas.
Digital Media Distribution Map
Campaign Retailers are displayed on Campaign Coverage Map

Media Module

A cloud based software module that plugs into the Trestle Systems In-Store Media Management platform allowing in-store media vendors an industry standard interface to measure media campaign performance.

Media Modules allow retailers and in-store media vendors to provide their services directly to the CPGs and ad agencies on the Web.

POPScanner™ Code

The POPScanner™ Code is a retail industry specific QR (Quick Response) Code that interfaces with the Trestle Systems platform to provide real-time POP Sign compliance monitoring.

With the POPScanner™ Code, CPGs and Ad Agencies can:

  • URL Redirect
  • Stream Social Media
  • Deliver eCoupon-to-Consumer Coupons

Media Modules give retailers and in-store media providers the ability to use the POPScanner™ Code on printed in-store media.

Media Compliance

Media compliance is a metric measured by percentage of the number of media assets placed in a media campaign divided by the total number of media assets contracted for a media campaign.

This calculation is calculated as:

    compliance = (Placed Media Assets) / (Contracted Media Assets) * 100

Digital Media

Media that is delivered to it's target audience via an electronic medium. "Digital" typically implies a binary (0 & 1) data format. Today's mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) stream "digital" information to a target audience via a hand held mobile smartphone screen. However, yesterday's televisions delivered that same information via a screen using "electronics" (analog signal).

Today's in-store retail digital media include (but not limited to):

  • POP Display Screens
  • POS Display Screens
  • Fuel Pump Display Screens (C-Stores)
  • In-Store Radio
  • Digital Display Screens
  • Mobile SmartPhone Screens


A Campaign is the main object in the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager. Like a campaign record in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application, the Trestle Systems campaign record is the central point to manage and control the brand message to the Point-of-Purchase.

The campaign record manages all the necessary elements of an in-store media campaign.

Campaign records are used to:

  • Manage and Proof campaign media (signs, images, video, audio-radio)
  • Monitor campaign workflow
  • Track real-time campaign compliance
  • Categorize Budgets by Purpose
  • Analyze peformance by territory (DSD, demographic, sales group)

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

A type of good that is consumed every day by the average consumer. The goods that comprise this category are ones that need to be replaced frequently, compared to those that are usable for extended periods of time. While CPGs represent a market that will always have consumers, it is hightly competitive due to high market saturation and low consumer switching costs.


In 1887, the Coca-Cola Company was the first company to use an innovative advertising technique, called a coupon, to transform an insignificant tonic to a profitable business.

By 1895, Asa Chandler (the genius behind this idea), announced to shareholders that Coca-Cola was served in every state in the United States.

From Coupon to eCoupon in 100 years
Believed to be the first coupon. By 1913, 8.5 million tickets were redeemed.

C.W. Post was the first to use a coupon in 1909 in a retail environment, marketing Grape Nuts breakfast cereal. Post immediately took market share by giving 1 cent to consumers to try their new breakfast cereal. Today over 2,800 CPGs offer coupons that account for 3.7 billions dollars within the US.


A return of part of the orignial Payment for some service or merchandise; partial refund. -

Rebates are offered to consumers after a purchase to allow CPGs and marketing agencies to gather marketing information. This information is then used to initiate more targeted marketing campaigns, reducing media cost and delivering tailored value to the consumer.


An eCoupon methodology where the eCoupon value is rebated directly to a retailer loyalty card program. The eCoupon-to-Card methodology is the predominate eCoupon methodology used in today's retail environment.

eCoupon-to-Card services are available from direct-to-card coupon providers:

  • ShortCuts (AOL)


An eCoupon methodology where the eCoupon value is redeemed immediately at POS without the consumer signing up for a program or downloading an application.

The eCoupon-to-Consumer methodology does not provide marketing information and falls in line with traditional coupon marketing practices.

eCoupon-to-Consumer services are avaiable from:

  • Trestle Systems was founded in 1998 and is a privately held firm based in Mountain View, CA. Incorporated has digital coupons, including online printable, social, mobile and loyalty card promotions.

Shortcuts (AOL)

A free service of AOL, is a comprehensive savings destination offering multiple saving opportunities including Electronic Coupons, Printable Coupons, Mobile Coupons, Online Coupons Codes and Cash Back Savings.

Electronic Coupons link savings directly to store savings cards.

News America Marketing (NAM)

News America Marketing, often referred to as just News America, is a marketing business owned by the News Corporation. It is one of three companies in the United States (the other two are Valassis Communication and Insignia Systems) and controls almost all the in-store ads and grocery coupons in the United States.

One major division of the company is SmarSource iGroup, formed in 2000 from acquisitions and investments. It published SmartSource Magazine, a weekly consumer-branded newspaper insert offering advertising and coupon promotions, delivered in over 1,600 newspapers in the U.S. The SmartSource brand began in 1998.

News America produces the majority of revenues for News Corporation's magazines and inserts division, and it controlles an estimated 50% to 60% of the insert market and as much as 90% of the in-store business.

Insignia Systems

Insignia Systems, Inc. markets in-store advertising products, programs and services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers in the United States and internationally. The company focuses on providing in-store services through the Insignia Pont-Of-Purchaes Services (POPS) in-store advertising program.

Its Insignia POPSign program is a national account-specific in-store shelf-edge advertising program, which allows manufacturers to deliver vital product information to consumers at the point-of-purchase together with each retailers store-specific prices.

The company directly markets its Insignia POPSign program to food and drug manufactures and retailers. Insignia Systems, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Valassis Communications

Valassis Communications, Inc. is a publicly traded U.S. Corporation with subsidiaries that proivde various media and marketing services in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Canada, and one of the largest coupon distributors/processors in the world.

Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan with approximately 7,000 employees in 28 states and nine countries, Valassis is recognized for its associate and corporate citizenship programs, including its America's Looking for Its Missing Children program. Of the 2,000 children featured in programs such as the "Have You Seen Me?" photo program that appears across the RedPlum portfolio, more than 1,200 have recovered. Valassis companies include Valassis Direct Mail, Inc., Valassis Canada, Promotion Watch, Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems, LLC and NCH Marketing Services, Inc.

Valassis has relationships with more than 15,000 advertisers worldwide in various industries. Categories in which the company has relations include automotive, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, financial services, franchise food, grocery, specialty retail, and telecommunications. Valassis has four primary operating segments: Shared Mail, Neighborhood Targeted, Free-Standing Inserts, and International, Digital Media, and Services.

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