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In-Store Campaign Media Module Framework

The Trestle Systems Framework was developed using a cloud-based methodology similar to todays's industry leading technology providers. The framework provides a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) like user interface (UI) similar to CRM software for in-store media (digital or traditional) management.

The Trestle Systems cloud-based UI gives CPG manufacturers and ad agencies:

  • 24x7 in-store inbound media campaign management
  • Dashboards, Charts, Graphs, and Reports
  • Access to POP Signs, Digital Displays, In-Store Radio
  • Automated campaign workflow management
  • Mobile eCoupon-to-Consumer in-store coupon management

The cloud-based Trestle Systems UI for CPG manufacturers and ad agencies is called the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager. The Trestle Systems Campaign Manager uses a customizable dashboard to allow users to track budgets by purpose, media type and territory.

Trestle Systems In-Store Media Campaign Manager

In-store Media like POP signs, Radio Adverts, Mobile Smartphones and traditional digital

The Trestle Systems framework uses Media Modules to provide in-store media to CPG manufacturers via the Cloud. The Media Module architecture gives retailers and media providers direct access to necessary logistics information from the CPGs media campaigns to effectively execute the in-store media program. Dashboards allow users to view digital media and POP sign campaign results side by side with reports, graphs, charts and custom dashboard components.

In-Store Campaign Dashboard Components

Dashboard components to track In-Store Media Campaign analytics

Retailers can also use the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager by using the in-store media promotion schedule manager to reduce the cost of logistics for in-store media programs like:

  • Private Label POP Signs
  • In-Store Coupons
  • Meal Deal Recipe Programs
  • Cross Product Promotions
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Pump Toppers (Convenience Stores)
  • Digital Displays
  • In-Store Radio
  • In-Store Mobile

Independent retailers can now provide enterprise caliber in-store media programs to CPG manufacturers via the Web without the infrastructure overhead and costs traditionally associated with faciliators of CPG brand media services. The Trestle Systems platform gives independent retailers the tools to let them collectively and seamlessly negotiate, create, distribute and manage in-store CPG media programs without the resource burden of working with third party media providers.

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