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Retail At-Shelf POP Sign Compliance

Trestle System's POPScanner™ retail media QR Code technology allows consumers to engage in digital social media directly on their mobile smartphones (iPhone, Android, Microsoft) at the retail Point-of-Purchase. Unlike standard QR Codes (URL redirect), the POPScanner™ Code tracks scan activity in real-time and allows CPGs and retailers to see which retailer outlets are providing the most scan activity using the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager.

Retail POP Sign compliance is one of the biggest challenges in the in-store point-of-purchase media industry. Third party auditors are used to spot check compliance of POP signs, but the results of the audit only show an instance in time (usually when compliance is at peak). Audits use "sample sets" to measure compliance since auditing the entire campaign would be too cost prohibitive.

The Trestle Systems Campaign Manager uses the POPScanner™ QR Code to track scan activity and alerts the compliance manager of stores not showing scans. Trestle Systems works with retailers to make them aware of problem retail outlets and help improve in-store media practices with industry best-practices and process management methods.

POP sign providers use the Media Module framework to incorporate the POPScanner™ Code on their POP media allowing integration with the Trestle Systems Campaign Manager.

The POPScanner™ Code allows the CPG manufacturers and retailers to socially engage with consumers using digital media at-shelf POP sign in tandem with a consumer's mobile smartphone. The POPScanner™ Code allows delivery of:

Trestle System's cloud-based platform allows real-time 24x7 POP sign compliance monitoring and in-store digital and traditional media management.

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